Vic's Place - Irvington, NJ

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Vic's Place - Irvington, NJ

Post by Administrator »

Vic's Place
395 Stuyvesant Ave
Irvington, New Jersey 07111
2pm to 8pm
Lap Dance Cost: 10
Avg. Drink Cost: 4-6
Cover Day: 0
Cover Night: 5
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Re: Vic's Place - Irvington, NJ

Post by Divine »

I went on a Friday afternoon around 2pm. $10 cover, I had two Budweisers for $7 each After about twenty minutes out came the light skinned girl with the braces and tats that I used to always see there with Barbie. She was busy with one guy in the far corner for a long time then took him to a booth. Once he left she got on stage and danced, flashing everyone for tips and then a few other girls started coming through the door. It was close to 3:40 by then. I wasn't feeling the vibe really since I haven't been to Vic's for almost 2 years but Skye came over and I got a few barside dances from her. I did see one tall Latina with short blonde hair and a great shape dance but I wasn't feeling it enough to stay much longer. Plus, I had to be at work by 10pm... I know my review sucks but maybe I can give a better one next time I drop by. I guess it is still like the old Vic's but so many of the dancers looked thin and almost like teenagers not many were my type. There was one tall shapely dark skinned girl that got up on the stage just about when I was ready to leave but I just wasn't feeling the same energy that made me practically empty my pockets years ago. Maybe next time.
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Re: Vic's Place - Irvington, NJ

Post by femme_fatale »

You'll pay a $10 cover charge, $5-$10 for a drink. Most girls start working here around 5:00pm, so if you get here earlier expect it to be empty. You can get a private VIP room for $30 and good service with your dance for less than $100. However, not all girls will do VIP so just ask the girl. Some girls prefer lap dances in the public space. Most girls are very thick and curvy, borderline BBW. Most girls are black and plenty of latinas as well. Some girls are available to meet outside the club (OTC). I would suggest arriving early, and just find a girl you like and ask her everything (VIP price and what to expect, meeting OTC, etc.).
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Re: Vic's Place - Irvington, NJ

Post by bugz »

Eh, not sure if I will be back. I went on a Saturday, late afternoon. There were 10 girls working. The place is pretty small. It's about the size of a neighborhood dive bar (which it is I suppose), and I only saw two curtained off areas for lap dances. I got a few dances from some big-tittied black girl and took her to one of the back rooms. She did a decent job grinding her ass, and engaged in some stick shifting over the pants, which was still great. I could have gotten more but the whiff of fish smell from her underpants area warned me away. There was also curvy dominican woman who looked about late 30s but also had nice big boobs and a phat ass. Decent looking but bad dragon breath. In fact, the whole bar kinda smelled. I guess I have a sensitive nose. Mostly I drank a few beers and stood around watching the pole dancers. One Latina BBW got upset at me when I refused to get a lapdance or tip her or buy her a drink. lol. I like a big ass, but not when it's 80% cellulite. I doubt I'll go back. I get why dudes go, but just wish the quality of girls was a little better.
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Re: Vic's Place - Irvington, NJ

Post by KingVon »

Went here on a tuesday at around 5:00 pm. The place is kind of small and not too many people where there. There is a $10 entry and there is a square bar with the dancing. It is an old fashioned neighborhood bar filled with debauchery for the hard working man. There is a strange smell in the bar and it is kind of dull, but still fun to be had. Girls will get fully nude. A bottle of beer is about $7. I stayed for about one hour then left.
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Re: Vic's Place - Irvington, NJ

Post by hutchykurt »

Stopped in last Friday, July 14th around 530. $10 Cover....Drinks are cheap like $7 for beer. I don't bother with shots and it's not like there's a cocktail menu. Maybe 15 girls in the place. All ranges of sizes and complexions. It's a black club but you have all types of folks in there. It's in the middle of Irvington but I've never felt unsafe there plus you're walking in in broad daylight..

I've been abt 3 times this year. I would go more but the 2P to 8P hours just don't work for me. If you get there between 2 and 4:30, there may not be a lot of ppl or women there. Go after 5 and it's crowded but the lights pop on and the music will stop at or before 8P. It's hip hop, RnB, trap music, Afro Beats etc. Whatever keeps them dancing.

DANCES: Don't bother looking for lap dance prices. Just get singles! It should be $10 but they may try to hustle $20 from you per song. As you guys know, they are ALWAYS hustling. Let the lady of your choice grind up on you and start dropping singles on her. I've still yet to get into their VIP room....It's never been suggested or offered plus you can pretty much do what you want on the floor. The sign says that you buy the room in 15 minute increments.

Your best mileage will come from sitting around the bar area furthest from the door and choosing a girl in that mileage range who wants to have "fun". Choose your stripper wisely I guess.
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