Club Onyx - East St Louis, IL

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Club Onyx - East St Louis, IL

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Club Onyx

247 S 88th St
East St Louis, IL 62207

Tue-Sun: 8pm-5am
closed Mon

Avg. Drink Cost: $3
Cover Day: closed
Cover Night: $10
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Re: Club Onyx - East St Louis, IL

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I went on a Saturday at 1am, went through a pat down and metal detectors, and I also found free parking is available on the perimeter of the parking lot. If you park in the center areas near the club you have to pay $20. So take a walk and save the money. lol. They charge $20 to park in the center spots that are closer to the entrance of the club. I paid a $20 cover once inside and ordered a beer for $6. Thehe only seating available is the few seats surrounding each of the four stages, and a few tables along the walls. There are VIP booths for a large fee as well. There were about 30 girls, all black, and a couple of latinas. Most of the girls got fully naked on stage, some did not as they were waiting for more tips I guess. Onyx still has the highest quality of dancers compared to the other clubs in the area I visited, however there are no private dances available. This is more of a night club vibe than a strip club. It can get crowded so at that point you won't be getting any private dance action. It can be difficult to get the attention of the dancers if you aren’t making it rain like others. While I had plenty of singles on me, making it rain isn’t really my thing so I ended up leaving around 4am with a couple hundred unused singles in my pocket.
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